iPhone Screenshots

iGotCharts is a universal app with all features fully implemented on both iPad and iPhone including retina support for both devices. These images demonstrate the operation and appearance of the iPhone version.

Main Meun

The main menu view allows you to navigate to the various app features. Tap any row to select that item. Tap on a blue arrow to view a description of that item. This feature is available on all table menus. You can also tap on the from or to abbreviation in the currency or units thumbwheel display for a description of that particular unit.

Tap the info icon to return to the app documentation at any time. Tap the compose icon to send us feedback. Your comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Documentation Chart

This App Documentation view will appear when the info icon is tapped from the Main Menuy. Standard zoom and scroll actions are supported here and in all other charts and documents. Tap the "back" button to return to the main app menu. Tap the action icon to email or print a copy of the current chart or document.

Email or Print a Chart

Tap the Mail or Print button to send or print a copy of the chart. You can set a default TO: address in the Settings app. You must be connected to a network with an airprint-enabled printer or a computer running an airprint emulation in order to print a copy of the chart. You also must be running iOS 4.2 or greater in order to print.

Category Description

Whenever a description is requested from any supported view, it will appear in a small window floating above all other content until you tap the OK button to dismiss it. Short descriptions will appear in a white on black window. Longer descriptions will appear in a black on white, scrollable window.

Charts Menu

Selecting one of the charts categories from the main menu will present a submenu listing all the charts available in that category. Again, you can tap a blue arrow for a description of that chart. Most charts are embedded in the app for instant presentation; however, some larger charts are stored on our server and will be downloaded to your device the first time you select the chart.

In some cases, we may not have authorization to store copyrighted works at our server or embed them in the app. In such cases, the app merely contains a link to the last known Internet storage location for that type of document. The file for that document will be downloaded to your device the first time you select it. We cannot guarantee that such links will always be valid, but we try to check them regularly. Please let us know if you have any difficulty downloading such files.

Currency Converter

The currency converter view shows the time of last update. This is when the rates that are currently stored in your device were actually updated on the rate server. The rate server updates its rates every hour on the hour. If the time shown at the top of the view is less than one hour old, you have the most recent rates available.

If you want to update the rates, just swipe up in the area above the thumbwheel. You must have an active Internet connection to download new rates. The update will only take a very few seconds, so we do not waste needless time or data transfer allocations with automatic updates.

Currency Converter

Swipe down in area above the thumbwheel and a tabular listing of all units in the current category will be displayed. This image shows the tabular listing for currencies, but this feature is available for all unit categories.

Units Converter

The units converter supports a number of compound units such as ft-in, lb-oz, st-lb-oz, hr-min-sec, etc. It also supports data entry and conversion results in decimal, scientific, and fractional notation. The data entry parser automatically interprets the input format. The sliders below the thumbwheel control the conversion output format.

Periodic Table

The app supports all orientations for all devices in any mode. Landscape mode is sometimes ideal for viewing some documents like this periodic table.

Units Converter - Fractional Output

The sliders below the unit converter thumbwheel determine the data output mode. The Frac/Dec slider selects between fractional & decimal mode. The top large sliders select the number of fractional digits or power of 10 fractional mode. The bottom large slider sets the point at which decimal output switches from standard to scientific notation or the fraction resolution.