Version History

We are committed to making iGotCharts the best units converter and metrology reference app available for iPad and iPhone. We are continuously making upgrades and improvements and we welcome your suggestions. A list of our version releases is shown below;

Version 2.01

UI revisions for iOS7 consistency. Support for older versions of iOS is dropped as of this version.

Added a Woodworking Chart category and a Unit Conversion category for Drill Bit Sizes.

Added 8 new currencies to the Currency Converter and over 50 new units to various Unit Converter categories.

Fixed a few minor bugs and corrected some typos.

Revised the definitions of Quarter Bottles of Wine and UK Tuns.

Version 1.08

Fixed a bug that prevented downloaded charts from being emailed or printed.

Corrected some typos, corrected the conversion factors for firkin unit of mass and firkins per hundred furlongs, and improved the resolution of several other conversion factors.

Added 4 categories of radiation units and added a number of units in various categories, including 11 large wine bottle sizes.

Added support for the Potrzebie System of Weights & Measures including a chart describing the system and conversions for over 70 units in 40 categories.

Version 1.07

Fixed a few minor bugs and corrected some typos.

Added several new units.

Version 1.06

Fixed a bug that kept the app from working on iPod Touch devices.

Added full screen support for iPhone 5 and 5th Gen iPod. Tested for iOS 6.

Added a Roman Numeral Conversion Feature and expanded the ASCII charts.

Version 1.05

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an iPhone crash depending on a particular search sequence. It did not affect iPad operation.

Corrected a few typos and added two charts for decibels to the Metrology & Geodesy charts category.

Added units categories for Momentum (linear), Sound, Frequency, Surface Tension, Angular Velocity, and Angular Momentum. The units for Sound can also be used for any power or amplitude ratio applications. The Surface Tension units can also be used for thermodynamic applications.

Version 1.04

Updated the URL for the currency rate server due to its relocation to a different server.

Added an individual units indexed listing with search capability. Also added two search icons to the converter picker view so "from" and "to" units can be selected with the search function.

Minor bug fixes. Some typo corrections. Some UI improvements.

Added a number of surveying units including compound acres-roods-perches using both international and US survey feet references.

Version 1.03

Improved some conversion factors for better accuracy. Corrected some typos.

Added units categories of Dynamic Viscosity, Kinematic Viscosity, Moment of Inertia, and Second Moment of Area.

Added a number of individual units to various categories.

Version 1.02

Added a tabular converted results list so the conversions for all units in a given category can be viewed in a scrollable table listing as an alternative to thumbwheel scrolling. Also included the ability to enter new values directly in the tabular listing without having to return to the thumbwheel view.

Fixed some minor bugs, corrected some typos, made some UI improvements, and improved some conversion factors for better accuracy.

Version 1.01

Original app release.