About the app

iGotCharts is a serious units converter with a high degree of accuracy and flexibility. It was designed and developed by a professional engineer with over 40 years of metrology experience which is reflected in the features, capabilities, and accuracy of this app. It also has a very simple and attractive user interface.

Every category has lots of units to choose from, generally many more than anyone will normally need. You can easily disable those you don't need and put them in whatever order best suits you, then save it as a favorite and quickly switch between your favorites and the app defaults.

Furthermore, we don't try to sell you add-ons. You get all the app has to offer now as well as all future enhancements for one low price. Current features include a collection of reference charts on a variety of topics, a currency converter, and a units converter. More features are under development.

iGotCharts is ideal for use in the kitchen as well as for engineering, surveying & scientific applications and anything in-between. Our common conversion factors are consistent with NIST publications SP811 and HB44. Other conversions are consistent with standards agencies and organizations such as API, BIPM, IAU, IEEE, IEC, etc. Every unit is defined & described. There are also whimsical units such as smoots, FFF (furlong-firkin-fortnight) units, and the Potrzebie System for academic usage.


✓ Length/Distance
✓ Area
✓ Volume
✓ Time
✓ Temperature
✓ Speed/Velocity
✓ Fuel Efficiency
✓ Acceleration
✓ Computer Data Storage
✓ Computer Data Rates
✓ Quantities
✓ Angles
✓ Weight/Mass
✓ Density
✓ Pressure
✓ Force
✓ Torque
✓ Energy
✓ Power
✓ Momentum
✓ Volumetric Flow Rate
✓ Mass Flow Rate
✓ Dynamic Viscosity
✓ Kinematic Viscosity
✓ Surface Tension
✓ Moment of Inertia
✓ Second Moment of Area
✓ Electric Current
✓ Electric Charge
✓ Electric Potential
✓ Electrical Capacitance
✓ Electrical Resistance
✓ Electrical Conductance
✓ Electrical Inductance
✓ Luminance
✓ Illuminance
✓ Luminous Flux
✓ Luminous Intnsity
✓ Magnetic Flux
✓ Magnetic Flux Density
✓ Magnetic Field Strength
✓ Magnetomotive Force
✓ Sound
✓ Frequency
✓ Angular Velocity
✓ Angular Momentum
✓ Radiation - Radioactivity
✓ Radiation - Exposure
✓ Radiation - Absorbed Dose
✓ Radiation - Equivalent Dose


Kitchen Charts
Nuts & Bolt Charts
Electrical Charts
Chemistry, Math, & Physics Charts
SI Units Reference
Geodesy & Metrology
ASCII Charts


Enter & convert data in decimal, scientific, or fractional numbers
Supports compound units (ft-in, st-lb-oz, hr-min-sec, etc.)
Quickly & easily adjust output mode & display precision
64-bit math provides up to 15 significant digit conversions
Use thumbwheel picker or tabular list to view conversions
Attractive graphics help identify the units
Swipe up to update currency conversion rates
Tap the equal sign to quickly swap the from/to units
Tap the unit abbreviations for a description of that unit
Pinch the unit category display for a search page listing every available unit in all categories
Tap the search icons on the thumbwheel display to search for units in the current category


Universal app with retina support for iPad and iPhone
All orientations supported for all devices
Swipe gestures simplify navigation and minimize button clutter
Powerful search feature simplifies finding any unit of interest regardless of category
Use tabular or thumbwheel picker views to enter and view data values
Save favorites in any chart or unit category
Quickly alphabetize or enable/disable all items in a category
Reference charts and publications on a variety of topics
Currency converter with over 150 currencies
Extremely flexible units converter
Definitions & descriptions of every chart and unit
Print charts to Airprint printers
Email feedback or charts from within the app

iGotCharts uses 64-bit floating point math with a 52-bit significand, good for 15 significant digits of data presentation. We have developed some advanced algorithms and proprietary conversion factors to maximize the computation accuracy. Where NIST or other agencies define an exact relationship between two units of measure, iGotCharts will perform those calculations precisely without any rounding. Inexact conversions may have slight rounding in the 14th or 15th digit, which still provides at least 13 significant digits of accuracy.

In addition to a periodic table, the app contains a number of other useful charts related to metrology and geodesy in a wide range of applications such as engineering, science, surveying, mechanics, carpentry, and many others including cooking and everyday household projects.

We welcome your suggestions for additional units, charts, or other features. We also appreciate your 5-star ratings to encourage our continued development.

Send any comments, suggestions or corrections to support@dohmann.com