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Welcome to the Dohmann Genealogy Pages. These pages are provided as an on-line reference to the Dohmann Family Heritage, including all spelling variations of our surname. This web site is maintained by Edgar Dohmann, a 5th generation native Texan (several of my immigrant ancestors arrived when Texas was still a Republic).

The Dohmann Family has been traced back to 14th century Höxter County in Germany. The earliest known Dohmann was Herman Domans, a Geshworener (Judge) of the city of Höxter between 1390 and 1400. Höxter is located on the west bank of the River Weser in the Eastern part of what is today Nordrhein-Westfalen.

The continued succession of the family line from 1400 to 1574 is unclear and contains some gaps; however, the continued succession from the time of Thies Doman (c1574-1672) in Amelunxen, near Höxter, to the present is well documented, at least for some branches of the family tree.

Ten to twelve generations and numerous wars later, we have thousands of cousins around the world who can trace their family tree back to Thies Doman. This web site is provided to assist all interested family members in this task. Your comments, suggestions, and support will be greatly appreciated. Perhaps with cooperative effort, determination, and luck we can fill in the earlier gaps and someday complete the link back to Judge Herman Domans, or even earlier.

Family History Information

The following Dohmann Family History information is available on-line. Some is available at this web site while some is located on other servers around the world.


  • Sandebeck to Weesatche The History of the Werner F. Dohmann Family. This 255-page book written in 1999 by Edgar L. Dohmann contains 255 pages, over 100 photographs, and an every-name index. Over 470 surnames are mentioned. Information about the book, the complete index, and some sample chapters are available at this on-line location.


  • Early Dohmann Family History A brief history of the Dohmann Family from 1391 to 1826. Covers family migration and root planting from Amelunxen > Ottbergen > Borgholz .


  • The Dohmann Emigrants A brief discussion of all known Dohmann emigrants from Germany.


  • Origin of the Dohmann Surname An analysis by Richard Dohmann of Beverungen.

Genealogy Links

The following links are some of the ones we have found especially valuable in our own research.

Thanks for stopping by. Your comments, suggestions, and support in researching the Dohmann Family History (including all 25th cousins with different surnames) is greatly appreciated. Feel free to drop me a line at . If you are interested, you can also check out my facebook page.

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